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Vermont Maple Syrup Wedding Favors - Do Your Guests Taste Buds a Favor

Vermont maple syrup wedding favors are a sure-hit idea. It is original, appropriate, and delicious. There are a few types of them, just depending on your taste.

In Spanish culture, orange blossoms in little vases are popular wedding favors. In Russia and Japan, wedding favors can even be things like picture frames.

If you'd rather stick to edible things, you have lots of choices if you want maple syrup wedding favors. One fairly well-known variety of Vermont maple syrup wedding favors are exactly that; little bottles of pure maple syrup. They tend to be in very nice bottles with ribbons or other decoration.

Another popular type of wedding favor is maple sugar candies. These tend to be small maple leaf shapes, or something else appropriate for the occasion, and also tend to be nicely decorated. Because they can be big or small, and because there may be lots of guests at a wedding, the maple candy can either be 100% pure or have some added artificial sugar. The only downside of store-bought pure maple syrup candy is that it can be very expensive.

However, there is one way to make Vermont maple syrup wedding favors for many guests affordably: you can quickly and easily make them at home. If you wanted to have little bottles of maple syrup, you could easily give them your own personal touch. With maple sugar candies, you already have everything you need to make tasteful wedding favors in your kitchen. Of course, they always make a great dessert, too.

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