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Turn a Good Fund Raising Idea Into a Really Good Fund Raising Idea

There are those good fund raising ideas and then there are great fund raising ideas. You may have a good idea to make some money for your favorite group or charity. So, whatís next? This article will look at some ways to turn a good fund raising idea into an even better idea.

When it comes to raising money there are some industry standards that have been around for many years. Those fund raising events are car washes, cookie or bake sales, and garage or rummage sales.

Lets look at these 3 staples ands see how you can turn a good fund raising idea into a really great fund raising idea.

Car Washed Are Out

Car washes are ok, but you could offer to do RVís, trucks, and boats to make even more money. Everyone is busy raising money by washing cars Ė so why not step up a good fund raising idea and enhance it to make it even better and more profitable. People have invested good money into their RVís and other recreational toys. They will often be willing to pay much more to have then cleaned especially for a good cause.

No Not the Cookies Again

Bake sales have always been profitable in the right settings, but they are always the same old thing. Cookies, cakes, and pies are the baking goods of choice. You can do much better to create a good fund raising idea. Try baking unique items and charging more money for them. There are hundreds of wonderful baking recipes for very unique baked goods that people will not be used to seeing, and this will give you an edge.

Not another Garage Sale

Garage sales and rummage sales are a fund raiser of choice for many church youth groups and school groups around the country. You could do an auction instead of a garage or rummage sale and make more money by creating more interest. You do not need a professional auctioneer. You could do just fine with some kids doing the auction calling to have some fun.

All in all - a good fund raising idea can be enhanced to become an even better fund raiser with a little bit of imagination and creativity. You can find some great ideas online, but donít take the idea for facer value. Take the idea and build on it to turn it into a truly memorable fund raising event to raise tons of money for your favorite group or charity.

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