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Find the Right Fundraising Product

Many organizations, schools, and church groups decide to sell a fundraising product to help raise money for their activities. Many popular fundraising products exist like food items, discount cards, and items like candles or light bulbs. When you are considering a fundraising product, it pays to do your homework and to think carefully about the product and who you will be selling to.

When you are considering fundraisers, it is important to keep in mind a couple of common complaints that people have about them. First, people complain that organizations have too many fundraisers. If individuals know that your organization will be back asking them to donate or buy more products in the next few months, they are likely to buy fewer products. Sometimes, it pays to have fewer fundraisers or to make them very different. Selling the same products each year or even several times during the year can backfire.

Second, people complain that the products offered are low quality with high prices. Essentially, people feel that the products they are getting aren't worth the price that they are paying. They buy the products because they want to help out, but if the products were of a higher quality or something that they really needed, they might buy more.

You need to consider these two complaints when you are thinking about fundraising products. You should look for products that offer individuals a good deal. Discount cards, for example, tend to sell well if the businesses included are those that people use frequently. People will buy them because they know that they will get their money's worth.

Likewise, you should think about selling products that people need, buy often, or that are unique. People will be more willing to buy if the product is one that they will use or is something that they can't get elsewhere. By choosing something useful or unique, you'll also get around some of the competition from other organizations selling the same old products.

You also need to think about the profit margin of the product that you are selling. A larger profit for you means that you can do fewer fundraisers, which will make donors feel less pressured. You could also do a couple of fundraisers that are very different from each other, each offering individuals something that they need or want. You might even make one of your fundraisers a purely fun event with no products to buy.

A fundraising product can make or break your fundraiser. Before choosing a product, it is important to consider how the product will affect your fundraising efforts. Consider whether it will be useful to people and whether the profit will allow you to have fewer fundraisers.

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