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Easy Fund Raising - Car Wash With A Twist

They say that nothing comes easy in life, but there are some exceptions when it comes to fund raising. You can throw together some very fast and easy fund raisers if you have a small to medium sized group. This article will look at a great fundraising idea for you to implement for your next fund raising event.

Get Out The Soap and Water

The first thing you think of when you see or hear the words soap and water associated with fund raising is a car wash, right? Well, you are partly correct, but I will show you an even easier and more profitable car wash fund raising event that you can do with soap and water.

The problem with car washes is that it takes several cars to make any real profit for your organization or charity. However, you could do a bit a of a twist by going to local businesses and get an entire office staff to all get their cars washed while they are working. You then have an instant group of cars to wash.

Head To The Office

Once the idea of doing an entire office catches on you may have other offices calling and wanting to schedule a car washing event for their offices too. This is an easy fund raising event to pull off since most local businesses are willing to help a good cause and you do not need to have kids standing on the corners or begging for business. You will have several cars already line up in the parking lot and ready to go.

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