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A New Fundraising Idea In Texas

I been involved in many fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations such as schools, churches and many other youth groups. However, I had no idea that school, churches and other nonprofit youth groups could actually make monthly profit from energy bills of many people in their community. But best of all the community that participate in this wonderful Power Up! Program, saves money each and every single month on their energy bill and for the nonprofit group for referring the program, get $5 income each and every single month when people pay their electricity bills. So if they get 200 people to switch and save, the group makes $1000 each month - That is $12,000 a year in Profits!

If you are paying over 10.7 cents per K.W.H., then the Power Up! Programs is right for you and can save you money. This program is only available in the state of Texas but soon will be launch in many other states. I used to be a HL & P customer long time ago which was the only choice in Houston, Texas. Then about 3 years ago I change to Gexa Energy and started saving money. Today I am proud to say I am a Stream Energy (5th largest retail provider in Texas) customer, I am saving money each month and helping others do the same.

Can you imagine if a church will do a campaign like this as a fundraiser? If a church ask their congregation to visit their website and compare energy rates, if they switch to Stream Energy through the Power Up! Program, then the church starts getting monthly checks for saving their congregation electricity money. With all prices going up as they are now a days and the economy the way it is, I will say this Power Up! Program is an excellent alternative to the regular candy bar sales and all the other stuff.

Don't get me wrong product fundraising still raises most money in a short period of time, but this is another avenue of income the group did not have before.

So no matter which fundraiser you choose, there is always work involve. However, Stream Energy has a easy to follow program and creates a website just for the nonprofit organization to promote the Power Up! Program.

For more information on this and many other fundraising ideas visit: a website that specializes in Texas fundraising ideas. Juan Franco is a fundraising Expert for AIM Fundraising.