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Product Fundraising

Everyone looks forward to the time of year that Girl Scout cookies hit the streets and find their way to their neighborhood. The Girl Scouts of America have developed a staple product fundraising campaign that produces incredible results every year. They are just one of the many organizations across the nation that integrate product fundraising such as selling candy, gift wrapping, magazines, or collectibles to raise the money needed to operate. It may seem like an extremely simple strategy, but what is it that divides the Girl Scouts from so many other organizations that find themselves weary and coming up short? Successful product fundraising campaigns have three major things, an excited fundraising crew, great products, and excellent organization. These three things are guaranteed to make product fundraising a success, so here are some suggestions to make sure they fall into place.

If your organization has not participated in product fundraising previously, be sure to clear the idea with everyone involved, whether that be board members or volunteers. This is especially important when parents of youth are involved. Your fundraising campaign will be far more successful if the parents and supporters are on board from the beginning. These people are your potential sellers, so it is important they be enthusiastic about the endeavor. But even before approaching these key players, double check the compatibility of a product fundraising campaign with the existing mission and guidelines of your organization. Be sure that the mission will not conflict with the idea of selling products door to door or amongst friends and family. This may help you foresee any issue that may arise when you begin to present the idea to the rest of the party. Once everyone is ready to go and excited about making some money to support the institution, you are ready to consider the product.

Consider the quality and need for any particular product that you are considering. If the item is something people in your own organization use or need, they are more likely to be better sales people. No one wants to feel like they are forcing a product on friends, family, or neighbors. It is also helpful if the product is not currently for sale at retail stores. Though this is not mandatory, it certainly increases the value of your fundraising campaign. Part of the reason the Girl Scouts of America are so successful is the desire for their product, which is not sold in regular retail stores. Also make sure you investigate the delivery process of the product and whether or not it needs refrigeration so that your buyers know what to expect.

The last and most important step to having a successful product fundraiser is to make goals. Calculate how many products you need to sell in order to make these goals, and then divide these by the number of people that will participate in the fundraiser. Then consider if this is a feasible goal. Fundraising products have anywhere from a 25% to 75% commission, so it is important to know what kind of commission you need in order to easily reach your goal.

Product fundraising can be an extremely fun way to generate funds for your organization, and by taking some of this advice you are more likely to have great success. So rally your team and find the fundraising products that will help you have the best fundraising experience ever.

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