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Opening a Daycare Center - Do Your Homework!

Maybe you've already decided that starting a daycare center is for you, or maybe you're simply considering the idea. As with all entrepreneurial ideas, it's best to do your homework and research them thoroughly before jumping in midstream.

Starting a daycare and making a success of it will require certain very specific strengths in your situation and character and that of anyone who helps you work it. Consider these essential traits:

-Do you like kids?
-Are you a people person?
-Can you start a daycare center and run it for a year without a profit?
-Do you have childcare experience?
-Are you a self-starter, responsible and reliable?
-Are you willing to put in long hours, at least at first?
-Can you lead well?

If your answers were positive, read on. Otherwise starting a daycare center may not be for you.

For starters, check out the licensing requirements in your state. Then go take a look at some successful daycare centers and try to talk to the owner or manager. Don't be afraid to tell them that you're thinking of starting a daycare facility and ask them for any tips on how to make a go of it.

While you're visiting the other daycare, notice their setup. How is the place laid out? What kind of furniture and supplies do they have? Ask them how hard it was for them to start a daycare center. Ask to see the contract they use. If they're reluctant, offer to buy them lunch! If they say they don't have time, offer to hand them the money you would have spent on the lunch. Usually, though, successful business people are happy to share tips.

Gather your information first. If you do a good job on this first, crucial step, you will be rewarded when you're ready to start a daycare.

Charissa Bear is the owner of, a work at home mom resource site dedicated in helping moms find home based careers.

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