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Is Fundraising Just White Noise

It seems like we are continuously bombarded with fundraisers, special events and a barrage of activities to choose from. At times we can be exposed to as many as 20 special events in one week. With so much going on around us is fundraising simply lost in the crowd and suffering a dieing fate of being white noise?

White Noise is defined as noise in which the intensity is the same at all frequencies within a ‘given band’. When we sit in church or drop our children off at school we are within that ‘given band’. So when we are shown option after option for fundraising our minds begin to block out all the options and we do nothing.

The question now becomes how to fundraise in the ‘given band’ and stand out/ be more than white noise. In order to really get peoples attention you have to be new and different. Your fundraiser has to grab people’s attention and scream CHECK ME OUT I AM AWSOME. As the information age only speeds up and the internet begins to move from its infancy stage to toddler stage we are given the opportunity to fundraise on the most powerful stage since the infomercial. The internet.

Internet fundraising derives its power from the all ready existing desire to shop from home. The million dollar catalogue industry has simply moved to the information super highway. Now your fundraiser can be profitable, perpetual and hands off. The key to internet fundraising is to get people to shop from your website.

A few key points to remember when looking for an internet fundraiser are:

1. Work with a trusted reliable company. When you hire a trusted reliable fundraising company you will be rewarded with a quality website that delivers great profit.

2. Do it different. Select a fundraiser that will make your cause stand out from the crowd. A simple shopping mall site that looks the same as everyone else’s will only leave you disappointed.

3. Expect quality and expect results. When you expect to win you will. Keep yourself and your fundraising volunteers motivated and you will get results.

Shauna Hanus of builds and maintains fundraising websites for churches and small ministries. Shauna has years of experience building websites and internet marketing. For more information on how to get a free fundraising website for your church visit