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Holding a Successful School Fundraiser

Our public schools have seen many budget cuts, resulting in fewer resources to run 'extra' programs. One way for students and staff to bridge the budget gap is through fundraising events. These can be used for items or activities such as new band uniforms, library books, or a field trip for the science team to attend a competition. Some fundraising events involve the entire student body, while others are focused on benefiting a particular club or program. The good news is that there are many options available to parents, students, and administrators who want to raise additional money for their school.

Fundraising Options

There are many options available to raise funds for a school. One popular choice is selling items. Students can sell anything from wrapping paper to candy to candles to discount cards for local stores. Some companies offer catalogs of merchandise, along with expertise and tips in how best to raise money. Some even offer websites for secure online ordering.

Another popular choice is selling school-related items. This can be things like license plate frames, flags, or t-shirts with the logo or slogan of the school or the program seeking to raise funds. Such items can raise school spirit as well as money.

Bake sales or their variations are also a good fundraising option. Students seek donations of baked goods, books, cds, dvds, or other items, with all profits going to support the program or project of choice.

Many students opt for the time-honored classic car wash. Local businesses will often donate space and water, with students and parents offering up their marketing and washing skills. Car washes are great for one-time fundraising needs.

If you need to raise a lot of money, and you have volunteers with the needed skills and resources, you can consider a fundraising auction or gala event. The school band or choir might have a special concert, while the sports team might hold an exhibition game and the science club might teach people how to perform special, interesting experiments. You can either charge admission or ask for donations throughout the event or both. You can also ask local businesses to donate goods and services that you can auction off to raise money. Such fundraisers may take a bit more time and organization than other events, but with the right volunteers can raise lots of money.

Choosing a Fundraiser

When choosing a school fundraiser, there are several guidelines to consider. First, make sure everyone knows exactly what the funds are to be used for and how much needs to be raised. Second, make sure you know who will be involved, what skills they have, and how much time they will be able to donate. Third, make sure you know who will be in charge of allocating the funds. Along with that, find out what rules and restrictions might apply and ensure that you are fully following all rules. Finally, consider the ages, resources, and skills of your volunteers and make sure that they can succeed in raising funds and have fun doing it.

School fundraising events can be an excellent way to raise cash to fund the programs and projects that aren't covered by the general budget. Just make sure you carefully weigh your resources and options so you'll choose a project that will be successful.

The author has worked with and volunteered for a wide variety of charitable organizations. Through this work, she has learned many tricks and tips for holding successful fundraising events. Visit her website to learn more of her secrets to raising funds for your favorite cause.