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Picking a Good and Unique Product for your Fundraiser

Raising funds can be really hard especially if your organization is not known or when it is just starting its operations. Face it, with today’s rising commodities, people do not part with their money that easily. They need a very good reason to do this.

In raising funds, you need to either have a great project goal which people can identify with or a great product that you can sell, the proceed of which can fund your project. Although there are people who will want to help for a good cause, most remain skeptical about charity fundraising campaigns, thinking that they are bogus operations.

Because of this, some organizations tend to focus on the products that they are selling in order to fund their operations rather than their projects. Although this can also work, a fundraising campaign must have a product or a service that will really stand out. With thousands of products in the market that you can sell, this can be really confusing.

Below are some questions that you must consider in choosing a product that is unique and with a potential for success.

How much do you need to raise?

Before deciding on the product, decide first on your target money. How much money do you need to raise for your project? If you only need to come up with a small amount of money, small items that sell fast can be a good product. For instance, candies, chocolates and lollipops may not give you a lot of money but they can be sold faster than you can say fundraising. However, if you need an amount that is over a few thousand dollars, you may want to consider items that you can buy at cheap rates and then resell in a much higher price without being overboard.

What product will most fit your organization?

With many products to choose from, you can tailor fit the items that you will be selling on the target market of your organization. For instance, if you are organizing a project for kids, it is good to sell products or services that are closely connected with kids. If the organization is for indigenous tribes in Asia, you can look into selling artworks that are made by that tribe.

What are your track record?

If your organization has done fundraising campaigns in the past and has been identified with certain products, it is good to stick with that product as long as the track record is excellent. Although a unique product can be a good thing, changing what you have been known for can be a big marketing mistake.

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