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Fund Raising Basics

All undertakings require funds. When the funds required are of larger magnitude or for a long term activity, one may take help of the bank. For example, banks finance companies provide housing and educational loans. However in case of activities conducted on a smaller scale, one can rely only on some fundraising events. This usually happens in case of church activities, or activities planned by the youngsters.

Fundraising activities require a great deal of planning. Usually it is helpful to form a committee and discuss the prospects in an organized manner. The nature of the event to be undertaken depends on the amount of money required to be raised and the time period in which it has to be raised. Some fundraising events themselves require some money to undertake them. Moreover, if the money to be raised is more, professionals dealing with fundraising events may be consulted.

A common kind of fundraising event is selling food items. All one has to do is take orders and money and deliver the food items. However, one needs to careful regarding the money to be charged, as a high priced product may attract low returns. Professional help is also available in such events. The various food items that can be sold include meat, candies, ice creams. A bake sale is also very attractive where the group can bake various dishes and then sell them. The soup sale is most popular with the church wherein a number of old ladies make soup and sell them in bowls.

Another interesting way is through youth bidding. For this activity a strong and willing group of children is required. A list of jobs, is then, made that the group can do. On the auction day the different jobs are auctioned and the day and time for each job, the group has to do, is decided. Another technique is raising funds through a garage sale.

A good project that the church can undertake for raising funds is printing a cookbook. The recipes can be invited to a particular mail box. These recipes can then be compiled and printed.

When the group does not have enough man power or the resources to undertake fundraising themselves, they can approach a company specializing in such events. Companies help the groups in selling goods and also in managing their profit and loss. A good strategy used by the companies in raising funds is distributing scratch cards. The number revealed on scratching the card determines the price of the card. Some cards also contain gifts.

An important feature, without which the event cannot be successful, is publicity. The community and the locality have to be told about the fundraiser, so as to attract maximum people. This advertising can be through notices on public notice boards, hand outs and flyers distributed in restaurants, homes etc., and bulletins on local radio stations and news channels.

A well planned fundraiser is always a success. Newer and creative ideas not only attract more funs but also make the event much more fun and enjoyable.

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