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Turning Cookie Dough Into Money

Part of growing up is learning how to make money instead of always asking for it. Parents may encourage the kids to find odd jobs such as delivery the newspaper in the morning or mow the neighbor’s lawn but this is not enough when the student is engaged in a school activity.

The best solution is for everyone to pool the resources together and then hold a fundraising event. Girls can buy some cookie dough to make some treats, which is appealing to customers of all ages.

Some people might think the best place to get these materials is the supermarket. Unfortunately, the storeowner won’t be able to offer a discount even if a large quantity is ordered so the next best thing will be to go to the manufacturer.

The head of the group can negotiate a deal allowing the students to buy a certain quantity at a discounted rate so both parties will be able to benefit from the deal. If there are a lot of companies engaged in the same thing, it will be a good idea to check each of these out and compare the rates before buying anything.

When the right supplier has been found, it is time to get the goods and then begin making all sorts of cookies.

Another way of doing it will be to buy the finished product from the factory and then just sell it the way it is. There are some firms that will even package the product to the design chosen by the group but this might cost extra because of the coloring and the ink used in the packing.

Before going off and selling the cookies, the one in charge of the group must properly price the products. This will allow the group to get a return of investment as well as make some money.

Sometimes a marketing gimmick is also needed to get the goods moving. This means thinking of a marketing strategy such as buying two and getting the third one at half price.

The next thing to plan is how to sell the cookies. The conventional way of doing this will by putting up a table with a signage outside the grocery store or conducting business house to house in the hopes of being able to finish off the batch.

There are different ways to go about this and all it takes is some imagination and ingenuity.

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