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Creating a Fundraising Opportunities

Organizing a really big fundraising extravaganza can be hard in the pockets. As they say in order to raise big money, you’ve got to have the money and other resources to raise it. This is kinda hard for organizations that do not have the funds yet to organize a big charity event. This is especially true with those that are newly established and those that have yet to get financial supporters from the outside.

Still, with a little bit of innovation and a lot of resourcefulness, one can actually raise funds without having to host a big event. Here are some ways to create fundraising opportunities and to make it work for you.

Get people to work with you

Networking is one way to reach the people that you would have reached should you have the money to organize a charity dinner. Look into the members of your organization and ask for their help. Enlist their help and ask them if they know somebody. Tell them to help you with your initial fundraising campaign by setting you an appointment with the bigwigs.

Look for possible donors in the area

America is a big country and for sure in the state, the town or even in the school, where your organization is situated, there will be donors who will be more than willing to help you with your project. Do some research and look for possible contact persons in the area. Rich people who are known to be quite generous with charities are good targets for donations.

Sell through people

If you have the product that will help you raise funds for your organization, do not wait for the next town fair or bazaar. Do your own selling. Selling through a booth in fairs or selling through your office is not the only way to sell your products. You can use the members of your organization to help you market the products by bringing the items with them in their offices, in their schools, in their communities.

Do not wait for your customers to come to you, bring the products closer to them. In going to appointments with possible donors, bring some samples. Even if they won’t be interested in donating money, they can still buy the samples that you’ve brought with you.

Work in teams

Organize your groups so that each member will be part of a team. This is much better than mobilizing people to work on their own. You can even create an incentive system for teams that will raise the most money for the organization.

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