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Alzheimers Disease

If you are wondering what Alzheimer's Disease is all about, read on to find some basic facts.

Dementia is the term for a brain disorder that has a serious effect on a person's ability to go about his daily activities. Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia among elderly people. At first, it affects the part of the brain that control memory, language and thought. Even now, scientists do not know the specific causes and cures for this disease.

According to scientists, almost 4.5 millions Americans have AD. It usually starts after a person reaches the age of sixty. The risk of contracting this disease increases with age. There are a handful of cases, however, of patients getting AD while they were young. Almost five percent of all AD cases are from the ages of 65 to 74. Almost half of them are from ages 85 years and up.

Alzheimer's Disease got its name from a German doctor named Dr. Alois Alzheimer. It was in 1906 when he noticed that a woman who died of an unusual mental illness had abnormal changes in her brain tissue. He found irregular clumps along with bundles of fibers entangled in his patient?s brain. Dr. Alzheimer discovered a disease that deteriorats the brain.

Scientists also found out that those with AD have nerve cells that die in the areas crucial to memory and other mental functions. The connections between these nerve cells do not function normally. Scientists also noticed that the amount of brain chemicals that are utilized in carrying messages to the whole body became less. By disrupting these messages to the brain, AD impairs memory and thought.

AD is also progressive; once contracted, the disease will worsen until the sufferer will have a total lack of control over his or her mental and physical faculties.

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