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Use of Flyers for Fundraising Events

The use of flyers for fund-raising events for nonprofit groups always works well in a small community and it makes sense to print flyers for each and every fund-raising event that you have. It is important to find creative ways to distribute these throughout the community. Any flyer that you print should have a large logo on the front as well as boldface fonts, which state the location, time and date of the fundraising event.

Proper distribution of flyers in advance of a fundraising event could bring as many as 50 extra people to the event. If the fundraiser event is a silent auction, performance or pancake breakfast you will be surprised how well these flyers do. Flyers indeed work very good for carwash fundraisers as well. It has been our experience that flyers work nearly as well as radio advertising for local community fundraiser events.

One thing you might try is to find a local printer who is willing to pay for the printing costs and the paper if you let them advertise on the back. This way they can support your group and also write off the costs of the paper in the printing. It is a win-win situation for them for participating in their local community as it helps the local small business with community goodwill and strong public relations strategies. Perhaps you might consider this tip in 2006.

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