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Youth Group Fundraising; Preventing Soap Streaks at Car Wash Fundraisers, Secret Strategies

Most people in their lifetimes have gone to quite a number of car wash fundraisers when their car was dirty and they saw kids out there waving with big signs. I applaud all American citizens who participate in car wash fundraisers and help nonprofit youth groups raise money.

When the community sticks together everyone wins and when youth organizations such as soccer teams, baseball teams, high school bands or even Boy Scouts have a car wash fundraiser they are teaching the kids hard work ethic, the value of money and customer service.

One thing that is very important at a car wash fundraiser is quality control and that's why it is so important to prevent soap streaks at car wash fundraisers. There are secret strategies that can help you prevent carwash fundraiser soap streaks.

You must empty out the bucket and rinse it after every five cars. Remember to dump the bucket on the grass and not into a storm drain. When you fill up the soap bucket never use more than a capful of soap. Too much soap can cause soap streaks.

You must also thoroughly rinse every car and not allow the soap to dry on. Additionally, you must keep your towels clean otherwise they will also streak and this causes upset customers even if they don't complain to you personally, they may not come back for another carwash fundraiser for quite a while.

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