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Rummage Sale Church Fundraising

It is a simple concept lets have a garage sale. An average family can raise as much as one – two hundred dollars with a weekend garage sale. Now let’s take that idea and apply it to a church with an average attendance of 100 people. How much money do you think this sale would raise?

A church with an average attendance of 100 people can easily raise two – three thousand dollars with a two day fundraising rummage sale.

The planning is simple. Set up dates for your fundraising rummage sale and reserve space to hold the sale. Next ask for donations from your congregation. You will be amazed at how much will be donated. People are always happy to un-load there unused items and especially thrilled when the profits go to support your ministry.

It is key to your success to have a good sized list of volunteers. You will need them when the donations start pouring in. Plan for at least two days of prep time to set up your fundraising rummage sale. You will want to group like items together; this will make it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for. If you plan on having a significant amount of children’s clothing you can plan to sell all children’s items for under $1.00.

By advertising children’s clothes and toys for nothing over $1.00 you can draw in a larger number of buyers. This also will give you an opportunity to advertise for any youth or family events you have coming up.

After the sale plan to have a clean up day, if you are lucky you will have only a handful of items left after the sale and an easy clean up. You will take all the left over items to a local donation center. This may take a few trips or a truck to carry all the left over items.

A fundraising rummage sale can give a big boost to your yearly fundraising goals. So go out and have fun.

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