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Ideas for Hosting a Golf Tournament - Getting Started

Golf tournaments are great fund raisers as well as great ways for businesses to get together with other companies that may be able to work with them for mutual benefit. These can be set up as an activity that helps to strengthen the bonds between coworkers or as a way for youth groups to make some money to help them continue to run and assist children and teens to find something constructive to do.

When you are looking for ideas for hosting a golf tournament you can start the brainstorming session by setting a location. Contacting your local golf courses and local golfers and discussing the possibility of having a golf tournament can help you to decide how well it may go over in your area. If there isn't enough interest you might find that hosting a golf tournament can require a large amount of time and energy that is utterly wasted if the tournament isn't going to be a success.

Once you have decided to move forward, you will want to advertise so that your community knows about the tournament and you have ample golfers showing up. You can put ads in the local paper as well as your local school newsletters and at local cafés and golf courses. Anywhere you expect your local golfer enthusiasts to stumble upon the ads is a good place to start.

Golf signs can be put up around town to advertise your tournament as well. These can be ordered in your team colors or other bright colors and have the details of your tournament on them. These can be placed on the roads a couple days before the event to draw attention and direct traffic.

Choosing to have your tournament be a fundraiser means you have to decide upon your fund raising plan. This needs to be done in advance to avoid confusion.

Instead of a regular golf tournament you can think about having a miniature golf tournament with children being your golfers. This is one of many ideas you can choose when you are planning a golf tournament. Explore as many as you can as you are making the plans. Don't limit yourself during the initial planning phases, allow any and all ideas to be suggested and discussed.

Once you have all of your ideas on the table you can choose the best plan for your golf tournament. From there on you need to keep your plans focused on the choices you made instead of going back to the brainstorming phase.

Choosing to have a golf tournament can be exciting and can start an annual event for you and your group. As annual events continue they often pick up more interest so it is quite possible for you to have more interest in your third or fifth tournament than you did at the first. It is important to plan carefully and to make sure to cover all bases; if your first tournament fails there will most likely never be a second.

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