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Ideas For Running An Art Charity Auction At No Upfront Cost

The charity auction is one of the most common yet tough to pull off fundraisers. How do you get quality items donated for an auction? Do you take the risk of purchasing items and trying to re-sell?If you are still struggling with ideas on how to turn your charity live or silent auction in a success, look no further. Did you know that non-profits around the country are raising $10,000-$50,000 without a dime of upfront expense?

Groups of any size or financial resources can hold prestigious charity art auctions through the joint venture method. We all know about the stereotype of the starving artist, and the struggles artists face to break through and gain exposure is well documented. Non-profits around the country are creating win-win arrangements with area artists. Many artists will donate original works that can sell at auction for hundreds of dollars with a 50/50 split to the charity. The charity then helps to highlight and promote the artist while both bring in much needed funds.

If the event is put together properly, the artists will also increase traffic and bring their own guests to your event by self-marketing themselves and the event that is featuring their work. This joint venture method can work well with many other types of businesses as well. Many businesses are unwilling to donate things outright, but will give products and services at a deep discount (with payment made after auction) in exchange for advertising the goodwill that is created by being a part of a non-profit event.

See what Albuquerque, New Mexico based Casa Esperanza has done with their annual "Hope Chest" art auction.

Tim Claiborne is founder and president of Albuquerque, New Mexico based New Mexico Fundraising. E-mail him at tclaiborne@nmfundraising to learn more about how New Mexico Fundraising can help your group raise funds in many creative and proven effective ways.