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Stick With Potatoes For Your Next Fund Raising Event

Your next fund raising event can be a smash hit with a few secrets to spice it up. There are many good ideas for a fund raising event that can make you money, but few can really set the stage like potato salad deluxe. This article will expose you to a great idea for some fund raising events that you can do with potatoes.

This fund raising event can help you to raise money with potatoes and will include some potato salad that is out of this world. So, here is the deal – this recipe is so addicting you will be able to sell tons of the stuff just like crispy cream donuts. Yes, it is that good!

Ok, you need eggs, some bags of potatoes, graded cheese, cooked ham, a few jars of mayonnaise, and dill pickles (for the dill pickle juice).

Now let’s create the seductive potato salad - Boil the potatoes and eggs. Dice up the ham, grade the cheese and you are ready to create master piece. Once the eggs and potatoes are ready you can mix everything together. For every 8 boiled potatoes add 3 boiled eggs, 1 cup of mayo, 2 table spoons of dill pickle juice, 2 cups of diced ham, and 2 cups of graded cheddar cheese. Hint – this is excellent when served warm. Now package the servings into 16 oz plastic sealed cartons and you are ready for a mouth watering sale.

This potato salad fund raising event is so good people will not be satisfied with just one or two helpings. You will be able to make money hand over fist. This is truly the fund raising event of a lifetime. This potato salad fund raising event works especially well for churches and other non profit fund raising events.

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