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Planning a Fishy Fund Raising Event

The ability to raise money through a fund raising event is one that is sought by millions of people each year. The most popular fundraisers are usually car washes, bake sales and other traditional fund raising events. There are some fund raisers that may seem a bit out there but may turn out to be one of the biggest money makers you have ever seen.

Go Fishing For Dollars

One of the best fund raising events you could ever plan is a fishing event. Fishing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The details for a fishing event are really very simple if done right.

The first step in planning fishing fund raising event would be to contact local fishing clubs to see if they would be interested in promoting and helping out with your cause. Fishing clubs are always looking for ways to promote their clubs and your event may be the perfect answer.

The next step in planning your fund raising event is to check with your local game and fish division to see what permits you might need to hold your event. There is usually a period of time you must allow before you are allowed to hold your event.

Once you have your permits and you have rounded up some clubs or other people to help you are ready to get started with the event planning. You should decide on some nice prizes to give out for first through fifth place. You will also want to create some prizes for biggest fish and most fish. Then determine how much all your fees will be in order to make a nice profit for your charity.

You should be able to get some free media for having a unique fund raising event. You may also find several local businesses willing to place flyers in their windows and even hand them out to customers when they visit their stores.

Fishing events can be a great way to earn some big money. You may even ask around to see if you have any local fishing pros or guides in your area that might want to show up and help.

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