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Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog

Tupperware fundraisers provide non-profit groups with an unusual, durable product for raising money for a project. Tupperware fundraisers are not to be confused with Tupperware parties. No party is used for a Tupperware fundraiser. Instead, products are offered in the usual fundraiser manner, with fundraiser coordination done by a Tupperware consultant.

Thinking back to the last fundraiser you had, you may have memories of cookies or candy bars, chocolates or pizza. Maybe you tried to sell cookie dough or honey. Whatever your customers ordered is long since gone and forgotten. It may have tasted good, or it may not. Either way, it was a consumable.

Tupperware fundraisers are not like that. These fundraisers offer durable products – products that are not available at the local supermarket.

Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog

Tupperware fundraiser catalogs are different from the company's normal catalogs. Many items in the Tupperware fundraiser catalog are new and exciting.

The Tupperware fundraiser catalog itself is an exclusive catalog for nonprofit groups, such as schools, that want to use a Tupperware fundraiser. It is not available to those who shop Tupperware online or attend a party. The Tupperware fundraiser catalog currently (circa 2007) offers 65 different items. Most items are available only through a Tupperware fundraiser.

Since the aim of your Tupperware fundraiser is to sell to as many customers as possible, Tupperware fundraiser catalogs offer a wide variety of practical, innovative products. They offer a wide range of prices, too, so that anyone can find something affordable.

Tupperware Fundraiser Catalog Prices

The Tupperware fundraiser catalog offers products ranging from $8 to just under $40. For example:

* New "Prep Essentials" "Citrus Wonder" juicer – under $10 range

* New Wedge containers (set of 2) – under $15 range

* New "Noah's Ark" sandwich keeper for kids – under $15 range

* New "Clear Impressions" small bowl – under $20 range

* New "Freeze Smart" mini set – under $20 range

* New "Grand Opener" gadget – under $30 range

* New color "Servalier" set – under $40 range

Tupperware fundraiser catalogs also feature the well-known Tupperware lifetime warranty on the products. Customers ordering through a Tupperware fundraiser are assured that their purchase is a lifelong investment.

Tupperware Fundraiser Catalogs' Ease of Use

Many who have used the Tupperware fundraiser with its special catalog report good results. Here are a few comments from the Tupperware fundraiser website.

"Anyone who needs a fundraiser that is simple, sells itself, and fast without much effort should do this fundraiser. We have been doing fundraisers each year for 5 years now and this one is by far the best yet!" T.P., Soccer Team

"Everyone buys Tupperware so it was easy to sell the product. I'm sure that come next spring our elementary school will be running another Tupperware Fundraiser." A.R., Elementary School

"This was a great fundraiser. People showed a lot of interest in your products. Thanks!" S.W., Non-Profit Organization

Helpful Tip

I am not now, nor have ever been a Tupperware dealer, but I believe the Tupperware fundraiser catalogs do most of the work for anyone taking part in a Tupperware fundraiser. If I ever have occasion to be involved in raising funds for a school or other non-profit group, I'm sure I will suggest a Tupperware fundraiser.

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