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Obama Shatters the Record for Presidential Fundraising, Leaving Hillary in Second Place

Is America ready for its first black president?

If Democratic candidate Barack Obama is elected, the answer is yes. Time will tell. We will know for sure in November 2008 when people will vote by absentee ballot and in polling booths across America.

Who knows what lies ahead?

This much we know right now: campaign contributions for Barack Obama's campaign are opening a lot of eyes and destroying a lot of expectations.

Here are the telling figures in a report from USA Today (7-2-07):

Obama, the first-term senator from Illinois, raised at least $33 million from April through June for his White House bid, shattering the record for presidential fundraising in the first six months of the year before an election year, during which time Obama collected a total of $58 million.

The prior record-holder, George W. Bush raised $37 million in his race against Al Gore in 1999. President Bush was governor of Texas at the time.

Hillary Clinton raised $27 million to Obama's $33 million. Even Hillary's hubbie Bill could not overcome Obama's take despite former President Clinton being well liked, well received and a former superstar in Democratic fundraising circles.

Obama's fundraising surge has made him not just the leader in dollars raised, he also leads the pack in number of contributors with 154,000 donors compared to Hillary who relied more heavily than any other candidate on donors who each contributed $4,600. The $4,600 figure represents the maximum amount an individual can give to a candidate for primary and/or general elections.

In the first quarter this year, Obama had 100,000 donors while Hillary, a senator from New York, had 60,000.

Two other major candidates are slipping in the money race: Democrat Edwards and Republican McCain. Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards raised $14 in the first quarter and $9 million in the second.

Senator John McCain raised $14 million in the first quarter and $11 million in the second. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ($44 million) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani ($35 million) lead all republicans in total fundraising.

Here are 6 republican candidates who stand virtually no chance of getting elected: Sam Brownback, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee and Tommy Thompson.

Here are 5 democratic candidates who also stand virtually no chance of getting elected: Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinch and Mike Gavel.

These 6 republican and 5 democratic candidates will not get elected because they cannot raise enough money to run an effective campaign. If you add up all of the money raised so far by the 6 republican candidates you get $12 million and change. McCain has raised more than twice as much ($25) and is going nowhere about 1,000 miles an hour.

If you add up all of the money raised so far by the 5 democratic candidates you get $33 million, $10 million more than Edwards ($23 million) but far less than Obama ($26 million more) and Hillary ($33 million more).

Edwards has a chance but not much of a chance to catch Obama or Hillary. Edwards has no credible message. Obama sees himself as an agent of change. Hillary sees herself as more experienced than Obama.

At least 20 states are expected to hold primaries on Feb. 5, 2008.

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