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To Serve a Servants Church Fundraiser

The Bible instructs us that we are servants of the Lord. However when it comes to fundraising we may feel more like beggars than like servants. So why not take the servant idea and turn it into a fun and profitable fundraiser. This way we are able to continue to serve the Lord and act in a humble manner while having a little bit of fun.

You most likely have either seen this type of fundraiser before or you may have heard about it. The idea is simple you auction off labor for a day. If you have a large youth group you can have the youth auction off there services for a day or alternately you can auction a specific service. If you go with a specific service you will auction for example 10 yard mowings or 6 dog walkings.

If you auction off a persons services for a day it can be for anything within reason. You will need to have some parameters set up so that kids are not taking on tasks beyond their years.

This can also be fun for the adults. If you have a primarily adult congregation try having an adult auction fundraiser. The premise is the same and the adults will do the work. Again you will need to have some parameters set up so that the buyers know what appropriate work to expect is.

If you plan well you should be able to serve snacks for sale and raise a bit more money via a snack bar. If the snack bar idea is not appealing you can always set out a free will offering and allow people to donate as they please.

A servantís fundraiser is such a fun fundraiser you may find that this will become and annual event.

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