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The Chips Are All In With This Event Fund Raising Idea

If you have been placed in charge of the committee or organization that wants to raise money for their cause you're probably in need of a great fundraising event. Fund raising can be quite challenging. However, if done correctly, it can be very rewarding for both you and the organization in which you are raising money for. This article look at some possible event fund raising ideas you might use.

One of the most lucrative fund-raising events in today's world is Texas holdem poker. Since this sport has become so popular on television today, everybody seems to want to get in on the action. You'd be surprised just how much money this type of event can raise for your favorite charity or organization.

The basic structure of this type of fundraising event is to rent out a hall set up some basic roundtables and host your event at so per person to enter the poker tournament. Each entrant will receive a certain amount of chips for a predetermined buy in rate.

For each entrant that pays a buying and you will receive a percentage of each person's my and to go towards your charity organization. A nice thing about this type of fund raising event is that blends well with many different organizations. You don't really have to worry about a theme as most people are just happy to be playing poker, knowing that a portion of the money is going to a good cause.

No matter what you choose any type of event fund raising can be a challenge. However this type of event seems to be relatively easy to set up and gain wonderful support. Really them find that many people that wouldn't normally even play poker will enjoy given involved in a fund raising event like this just to support the charity. Plus they may win a bunch of money to.

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