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Simple and Fun Sorority Fund Raising Ideas

There just seems to be a shortage on funding in all schools these days. Even our college campuses don't have the money they need for necessary teaching tools or repairs so it has become necessary to come up with creative ways of raising money. Sorority fund raising can be a blast and a way of providing necessary funds for needed repairs or updates to furnishings and or supplies. With the energy and excitement a sorority brings, you can come up with many great ideas for raising money and it shouldn't be too hard to initiate the help needed to make it all happen. This article will give some simple and fun ideas for sorority fund raising.

Sorority fund raising is a great way to bring a group of young people together with one purpose in mind. It can be a lot of fun incorporating their youthfulness and excitement into raising money for a project of some sort that they will all benefit from. One type of sorority fund raising can be to hold a community type event like a carnival with booths, face painting and clowns, a dunking booth in which you can persuade town officials or people of importance to be the ones that would be dunked and then you would also sell concessions. With the proper approach, you can get many if not all of the items donated that you will need for your sorority fund raising day.

There are other sorority fund raising ideas that can be a big hit. You can go to local businesses and promote a modeling event in which your sorority will do the modeling of their products and you would get the funds received from the event. You could hold a dinner in which you the sorority prepares or caters and there would be a charge for the entire evening of modeling and fun. You could have little fun skits in between the modeling or provide some local talent as extra entertainment for the evening. Many of the local television and radio stations will offer free publicity to a worthy sorority fund raising event.

Other sorority fund raising ideas can be of course the normal car wash or bake sale but you might want to hire yourselves out to a local business that has some type of event coming up. They would pay your sorority to do the set up, clean up and serving of the event. There are so many more fun and creative ways of raising money, and many of the local businesses will sponsor or donate to a worthy sorority fund raising cause.

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