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Tips in Organizing a Non-Profit Fund Raising Event

Anyone can conduct a fund raising event. Many of these are non-profit meaning the proceeds collected doesnít go to anyone except the recipients. There are a few things people need to go in order to make this happen and here are some of those tips.

1. The one who thought about it should have a clear idea as to what this event is all about. Is this about raising money to fight AIDS or for those who donít have enough to eat in some third world country. Such examples have been done for ages and this will continue as long as people are still suffering.

2. The next thing to think about is the type of event that will take place. Concerts raise a lot of money. A good example is the Live Aid concert, which took place after the tsunami, hit certain parts of Southeast Asia.

3. After this has been planned, it is time to deal with the technical side of a non-profit raising event. When people offer money, a receipt must be issued making it a non-deductible contribution.

If this is not done, the organization will have to pay taxes to the government. This means the money collected cannot be given in full to those who need it the most. This is the reason that documentation is important in order to make this happen.

4. Another important factor in a non-profit fundraising event is that there has to be a board of directors in place. These individuals donít have to be politicians but ordinary people who are committed to the cause.

These people can come from different backgrounds that will have a special role to play from the planning to the execution of the event.

5. When the board has been formed, the next most important thing to get regardless on the scope of the non-profit raising event are volunteers that will help out until the project has been completed.

The five tips just mentioned are essential in the success of the non-profit fundraising event. No one in the group may have done this before making this a fun and learning experience for everyone.

There will be medals or certificates of recognition once this project has been completed. The group who worked together will be thanked by those who need it the most in some special way.

Giving something without expecting anything return is not selfish and worth doing should the group want to do it again.

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