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Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun, if you have some great scavenger hunt ideas. When I was a kid and we decided to have a scavenger hunt, we always had some pretty cool scavenger hunt ideas. One way we came up with such great ideas was to gather everybody around and they had to come up with the least favorite item in their house. This always produced some really cool scavenger hunt ideas.

Some of the items you can put on your scavenger hunt ideas list are dirty socks, but they have to have holes in them. Another favorite was a pet food bowl, with food in it. One of my favorites was an empty ketchup packet from a fast food restaurant. As you can see there are lots of great scavenger hunt ideas if you just put your collective minds to the task.

How about this twist on the traditional scavenger hunt ideas to change thing a bit. Most scavenger hunt ideas include the gathering of various objects and items. What you can do is to list the same items but rather than to collect the objects themselves, have the people (not involved in your game) to name the object in conversation without telling them to name the object and record the conversation. This is a really cool way to have lots of fun with your list of scavenger hunt ideas.

One other way you can have fun with a scavenger hunt is on a long family trip. Here is how these scavenger hunt ideas will work. Make a list from A to Z and give each person a copy. The objective is to spot something that begins with the letters of the alphabet. Oh, there canít be any two that are alike. Of course the winner is the one who completes their list of scavenger hunt ideas first.

So when you are trying to come up with some really cool scavenger hunt ideas, just use your imagination. Get everybody together and brainstorm your ideas and end the end you will have a really great list of scavenger hunt ideas.

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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