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High School Fund Raising Ideas

Students from different organizations in high school usually initiate high school fundraisers. These organizations sometimes lack the financial support of the school itself, not because the school is unaware of their situations, but because the school budget is already allocated to other school activities and development.

Most high school fundraisers are to enhance school activities such as the Junior and Senior Prom, the annual out-of-town travels and even the basketball and football games. School organizations like the Debate Club or the Drama Club may also try to raise funds for uniform, costumes and props.

Many companies offer their products and services for such school fundraisers. Some candy manufacturers, for example, offer more than half of the profit for all candies sold. They also go the extra mile of offering free shipping and free booth and banner set up to the needy high school. They sell some of their best selling and all-time favourite candies such as Hershey's Chocolate Bars, Snickers, Milky-Way, M&Ms, and more.

Other high school fundraisers auction off the talents of the students themselves. Some school clubs offer concerts, plays or charity games to the public for donations and ticket costs. A cheerleading group may offer to do a cheer camp or give dance lessons. Honor students might offer tutorial services for a fee.

To ensure a high school fundraiser goes without a hitch, always remember to check the financial and product information of the companies you are going to get as a partner. If during the fundraiser you experience a problem, discuss it with your partner immediately. Agree to take on only as much as you can handle. Usually the community will rally around the needy group and even if they don't purchase the product or service being offered, they may donate to the cause anyhow.

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