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Easy Steps to Creating a Winning Fund Raising Plan

When seeking to raise money for your favorite group or charity, the persons placed in charge of that responsibility are often asked to create a fund raising plan or a template structure of all the key elements of that fund raiser. This article will discuss some of the main points that you should consider when taking on this responsibility.

There’s No Two Plans Alike

When it comes to creating an effective fund raising plan for your group or charity there is not a one size fits all plan that will work. There are too many components to an effective fund raising plan that must be considered for each individual situation. It would be impossible to create a fund raising plan that would work for the local school and then expect that same plan to do the job for the city wide cancer run as well. Let’s look at some of these components in detail.

Consider Your Objectives

The very first things that you must consider are your objectives or “fund raising goals”. Do not be afraid to think big. If you come up a little short you will most likely have achieved more than if you set your goals low and then achieve them.

Consider the Costs

The second key aspect to your fund raising plan is the cost involved. What can you realistically afford for this event? Once you know what your expense threshold is you can begin to save right there. If you have figured a budget of 100 dollars for advertising, but find that the local radio station is willing to plug it for free you are on track to save some money. Every good fund raising plan should be constructed to save money.

What are Your Resources?

If the fund raising plan is for an organization made up of several people you might find some great talent and valuable resources within the organization. Do you have someone who can donate snacks or pop? Are there people who might be able to supply building supplies for props if your event calls for that?

Delegate the Proper Responsibilities

This one aspect to your fund raising plan is perhaps the most valuable one of all. Depending on how involved you want to get with your fund raising plan you would be wise to evaluate the skill sets of those who will be helping out with this event. The one down fall that many organizations make is that they simply delegate anyone they find to do a job they simply are not qualified for. You could possibly avoid this by conducting a simple personality test to see where the strengths and weakness are for each person involved. Once you have this valuable information you can place them in a position that suits then best, and look like a pro at the same time.

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