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The Ideal Fund Raising Tip

When you need to raise money for a certain project or your favorite organization you need some good fund raising tips to get you started. There are a couple tips that you should follow to make your next event a huge success. This article will reveal a couple useful ideas you may not have considered.

Fund Raising Tip #1

We have all heard the saying “if you fail to plan – You plan to fail”. When it comes to fund raising that saying is ever so true. You must put together a good plan of action no matter what type of fund raising event you are going to plan. You should consider the time of year, stability of the area, and added expenses to put together a fund raising event. This one fund raising tip alone can save you a lot of trouble.

Fund Raising Tip #2

Always seek free advertising and product donations from local businesses before you buy anything for your next fundraiser. Advertising for a good cause is very powerful. You might be surprised what a few simple phone calls will do to generate some free advertising and good will amongst local businesses.

Fund Raising Tip #3

Put some new twist on an old standard fund raiser. Instead of having a garage sale you might try having a mystery bag sale. People just love a good mystery package. You could ask for donations of goods from local business. Items such as gift certificates and other goods are always desired. You could give some estimated values on what is possible, but not revealing which bags contain the best items.

Fund Raising Tip #4

If the area in which you are having your fund raiser is large enough in population a good fundraising tip would be to consider giving some large prize for a contest. There are companies that will supply insurance for events that pay as much as one million dollars and more. You usually must pay a fee of a few thousand dollars for the insurance should someone actually win the million dollar prize, but it could be a huge money maker and worth the investment. These are just a few fund raising tips for you to think about. The keys is to make sure you have good plan before you get to deep into a fund raising project.

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