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You Just Found the Perfect Fund Raising Idea

The great thing about raising money for your favorite charity or group is that it allows you to get creative. Maybe you are one who is always on the look out for the newest fund raising idea. There are so many great fund raising ideas out there that the biggest problem you might have is deciding on just one. This article will expose you to a few more fund raising ideas to add to the mix.

Try Selling Your Body

OK, before you get all worked up let me explain this great fund raising idea. I am not talking about anything illegal or bad here. This is a fun and very creative fund raising idea. You can use felt markers that will wash off. This works very well for youth groups and other youth related organizations. You find a couple people who are fairly good artists and then sell advertising on your volunteer youth’s arms, legs, back, belly – you get the point. This is very creative and goes over well. The kids wear the temporary advertising tattoo that was drawn on them for a day for an agreed price for the ad.

Sell the Cookie Dough Instead Of the Cookie

Another great fund raising idea is to sell cookie dough instead of the cookies themselves. You can mix up several batches of cookie dough and then sell it frozen. Then when people buy it they do not need to consume it right away. I t works out convenient to fix it when they want. Again this adds a bit of a twist to an old standard fund raising idea.

Go For the Bigger Vehicles – Go RVing

This fund raising idea is sure to bring in some nice extra cash for your group or charity. Instead of having a car wash why not have an RV wash. You could charge substantially more per vehicle, and you could even go to their homes instead of them coming to you. Why not go for the gold and see if you could set up in an RV park for the weekend. Not all parks will allow this, but it is worth a shot. If you are unable to find an RV park then simply seek some free advertising and then set up an RV wash for a nice sunny afternoon. This fund raising idea works best in the summer months and during the week days rather than weekends when most people are traveling.

There are many fund raising ideas that can make your next event a real hit. Make a list of all the great ideas you find and have some fun.

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