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Barack Obama Has Every Right Not to Acknowledge The American Flag

Presidential front runner Barack Obama has a lot of innovative ideas and concepts for the World and especially the United States of America. Not long ago, Barack Obama was video taped at a Presidential Candidate event where he did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance and did not put his hand on his heart. Opposing Republican candidate supporters took the opportunity to send this all over the Internet in massive e-mailings that reached over 100 million people in only a few days.

What people do not understand about all this is that my ancestors died so others could have the right to do such things. Barack Obama has every right not to salute the American flag, he is an American Citizen and he has every right to burn that flag, as long as it is his property or desecrate it. Barack Obama, has those rights, no one should take that away from him, nor should they make a big deal out of how he really feels about this great nation we have here.

If Barack Obama wants to go shake hands and meet with Iran to talk with them about why they support International Terrorist Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to the tune of 100s of millions of dollars per year, let him go. If Barack Obama believes that it is okay for Iran to bring in armored piercing weapons to Iraq to kill US Troops, he has every right to believe that. In fact, Barack Obama has every right to dishonor the flag and even hate this country if he chooses. Just like I have every right to vote for someone else.

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