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Fun Ideas in Sports Fundraising

Fundraising can be a really daunting task. After all, it will not be easy to convince someone to part with their hard-earned money. You need to provide them with a very good reason or give an incentive that they cannot refuse!

There are actually a lot of things that one can do for a fundraising campaign with sports in mind. You can sell stuff, provide service or just ask for donations. The list is endless.

Of course, the kind of campaign that you will be instituting will not only generate income for your organization but will also determine the kind of image that you will be projecting to potential donors in years to come.

Yes, although it can be a big pressure especially for first-time organizers, every event and campaign that the organization will do will determine the way people sees the organization. This is why it is important to be able to put a good show.

Below are just some fundraising ideas that you can do for your organization.

Selling is in

Although it may seem that everybody is doing it, selling goods and services is still the best way to raise money for charity. Your product or service will of course depend on the kind of target market that you have and the time of the year that you have organized your fete.

Often, the product is clearly identified with the beneficiary of the project. Examples of products that you can sell for a sports fundraising event are autographed sports gears, caps and T-shirts.


Another great way to raise money is through an auction, which tweaks the competitive spirit of people. There are actually a host of things that you can hold for auction, from goods to services. One great idea is to auction of people or the service that they can do rather than goods. This way, you wonít have much overhead costs except of course some favors that you and the members of the sports team have called in. Common events like these are auctioning off of dates with players.

Celebrity Cookouts

Another great idea for a fundraiser is a celebrity cookout where players of the team can mingle with the guests. Tickets for the cookout will of course be sold to people to raise funds.

This is one of those events that can kill two birds with one stoneó raise funds for the organization or the sports team and create an opportunity for the players to become close to their fans.

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