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Bill Clinton Not to Interfere Between Hillary and Obama

The most obvious indication that Hillary’s straight and personal assault on Obama last week was a disappointment is the fact that Bill sounded the withdraw in his speech this week at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

Mrs. Clinton attacked Obama, calling him "immature" and "reckless" for saying he’d meet with leaders of scoundrel nations personally. It was the first time ever that Hillary has condemned Obama in person and by name. Her peoplet, Mark Penn, described her assault as "part of an unfolding strategy."

But at the DLC, Bill Clinton alleged he was not going to get in the center of "that little fight" and obfuscated the distinctions between Hillary and Obama by saying the contenders all approved the big picture.

“We have to get back to more diplomacy,” Clinton whispered. “I’ve heard no fewer than four of our candidates say in the last month … that in the middle of the cold war, in the darkest hours, we never stopped talking to the Soviets at some level. So no one disputes that.”

How did Hillary’s major insulting against Obama become "that small fight?" What went wrong? No doubt, Bill and Hillary understood the poll screening that Obama had 55% of all the Democrats with him as in opposition to only 22 percent for Hillary on this issue.

In so many ways right away, Obama has Hillary on the defensive. His well-aimed attempts are having their crash in the early primary states but have yet to have an effect on the national polling.

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