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Fundraising for First Timers

Fundraising can be hellish especially to first time organizers who do not have a clue on what to do. Everything may seem overwhelming, from organizing the event down to the selection of the product or services that the organization will be offering.

Below are some quick tips in raising funds. Read on and you might get a thing or two that can help you make organizing your fundraising a breeze.

Decide on your target amount

Before you can actually plan the rest of the fundraising event, you need to determine just how much you will need to raise. Everything will actually depend on this, from the venue of your charitable event, the persons that you will be inviting and even the product that you will be offering.

For instance, if your target is only a few thousands, you donít need to organize so big a function for the fundraising campaign. The items that you will selling or the services that you will be offering need not be the expensive ones. Candies, chocolates and other kiddie stuff can do the trick.

However, if you are looking into an amount that exceeds 5000 dollars, you will not be able to raise this in just selling cookies. You need a bigger gimmick for it. With this kind of amount, you need to sell something that is more expensive. For target amounts in the millions, you need to look into donors that will support your campaign. Some go directly to the person and set up an appointment while others hold charity functions and get together where organization representatives can mingle with the guests.

Budget wisely

Be aware of the hidden costs in organizing, little things that may not show during the event but will eventually manifest itself after the event. Hidden costs like shipping costs and prizes for winners may seem little at first but the costs can add up and eat at your profits.

Manage the time

How well your event was organized will reflect a lot in the way people perceive your organization. Events that are well-organized will most likely be supported by big wigs than an event that looked like it was organized in just two weeks. Because of this, it is important that you give your staff and yourself ample time to organize the event. Depending on how big the event a time period of about a month to three months is enough. For really big events that involve a lot of people, six months to a year may be allotted.

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