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Elementary School Fund Raising

There are certain elementary schools in the United States that lack sufficient funds to build a playground of their own, a gymnasium, a music room, or other features important for learning. The school board, although willing to help, needs to budget the money they have for other important needs of the school like educational books, audio visual supplies, and other school amenities. Certain communities are aware of the plight of their own public schools, and take the initiative to raise money on their own through fundraising.

Fundraising had already helped thousands of elementary schools gather funds to meet the needs of the students. Some participants did an all-candy fundraiser that catered to those who have a sweet tooth. Others collected first aid kit supplies that the children called the Boo Boo Kit. These kits were sold to parents, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and even to aspiring medical personnel. Some even asked assistance from generous corporations and got positive responses from a number of corporations that were willing to help out their communities.

There are several kinds of elementary school fundraisers, such as special event fundraisers, online fundraisers, direct sales fundraisers and order taker fundraisers.

A special event fundraiser, as the name suggests, takes advantage of a special occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas to stage an event or a play or a musical to raise funds.

Online fund raising, on the other hand, takes selling to a higher level. Here, a website is created for a certain group, listing all the products or services sold in the website.

Direct sales fundraisers, although a little slower that the online fund raising is still considered the best kind of fund raising event because it shows the sincere warmth of people attending. The sales people are student and parent volunteers and the products sold either came from the neighborhood or from corporations.

Products and services sold in an order taker fundraiser mostly came from participating companies. A brochure is presented to supporters and they fill out what catches their fancy. When the all the brochures are validated, tallied and forwarded to the companies, the products are then shipped to the fundraiser volunteers so they can give it directly to the buyer.

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