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Wild West Creative Fund Raising Idea

There are so many creative fund raising ideas that you can use to raise money for your favorite organization or group. The size of the fund raising project will really depend on what you need to accomplish financially. This article will expose you to a creative fund raising idea you can use for your next fund raising event.

Take a Step Back To the Wild West

This creative fund raising idea will take a little planning, but it is sure to be a winner if done right. Follow the step below to create a fun and memorable Wild West fund raising event that will surely be unique.

Supplies needed -- You will need some nice squirt guns for this creative fund raising idea. You can find some nice squirt guns at your local store. Stay away from the really cheap squirt guns and look at the mid priced ones for this fund raising idea. You will also need some paint, plywood, cans of pop. You might even find a store willing to donate some of the supplies to your cause.

You will need some volunteers to build some props. You will need a saloon with a couple shelves behind it. You will also need some pieces of plywood that are painted to look like old western town buildings. Basically you are trying to create a western town look so be creative.

You will want to advertise your creative fund raising idea with the local businesses in your area and seek some prominent business people to donate their time in exchange for some free advertising.

Event one -- You can charge a fee to enter the town and then people have stand offs against each other with the squirt guns. You place a colored piece of paper on each contestant’s chest. The first one to get the others paper wet will win and advance to the next round. A grand prize will go to the top three to five contestants left in the competition.

Event two -- In the saloon you will want a prominent business person, favorite teacher or someone with notoriety as the bartender. You can sell sodas, water, and other non-alcoholic beverages with all proceeds going to the group you are raising money for.

Event three -- You can also have drink-offs in the saloon. This creative fund raising idea works best with three to five contestants. Each contestant will race against one another trying to drink as many cans of pop as they can in 2 minutes. You could charge an entry fee for each round and offer a prize to the winner of each round. Hopefully you can find someone to donate several cases of pop for this event.

Event four – After you have accumulated some empty pop cans from the drink-off contest you can place some of the empty cans on the shelves in the saloon. The object is to knock the empty pop cans off of the shelves. Each contestant goes individually. You will time them to see who can knock off a can the fastest. Charge an entry fee to participate and give prizes to the top three to five quickest times.

This is a very creative fund raising idea for you to think about for your next event. It can be very profitable and benefit many business people who participate.

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