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Achieving Better Fund Raising

So what do we mean by a ‘win-win’ situation when it comes to Fund Raising? Simply put, people do things more willingly if they “get something out” of what they are doing even if it is just a ‘pat on the back and a little recognition’. This is especially true when it come to raising funds. Now imagine if instead of just giving people a “supportive thank you” you were in a position to actually ‘pay’ people to help raise money for their favourite charity or group trying to fund raise?

Well this is possible with the advent of the Internet and taking advantage of all those Networking or multi-level-marketing businesses that have shot up all over the Net. Without going into too much detail here there are hundreds of reputable companies using this system to market their goods or services to the public.

Businesses that have been using this method successfully have been doing so now for almost a century but the concept goes back to biblical times. In fact most religions started in this way – take Jesus Christ and his 12 followers!

To explain this concept in a very simple way businesses pay people to introduce others to their products or services and in turn pay those people who were introduced to do the same thing. This payment method goes down several levels and therefore the one who is on the top level gets a cut of all the work or income generated by those under them.

Right now one could be asking what all this has to do with Fund Raising but all we have to do is use our imagination and turn things around a little. If the group or Fund Raising account or committee were to be come the ‘top dog’ in a related “network or MLM” company what would happen?

Say a group of three people were in a committee wanting to raise funds for their children’s schools cooking classes. Fund raising with this idea would be very simple. One would simply source a business related to cooking, dining out, gourmet food or wines for example. A network business or MLM club that offered advice and a newsletter on any of these subjects and had a small subscription fee attached to becoming a member, would suit the purpose.

The group of people would enroll their Fund raising committee in the club and pay its membership fees to start with. Then each of the committee members would join under the committee’s account or affiliation. Now the committee starts to earn income from its three original members to cover future subscriptions and the members themselves can do the same. It’s not a big step to get the students and their parents involved too.

You have created a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved in this Fund Raising project!

From this point and with the aid of the Internet, how difficult would it be to make contact with other schools in the same position – wanting to do a little Fund Raising themselves? Get them to duplicate what you are doing by having them join under your committee and you are well on the way to having Fun Fund Raising! Did you know that just having three people contact three others every day and having them do the same it is possible to contact over a billion people in less than 20 days?

Now think about it for a moment. No matter what kind of funds you are trying to raise - be it for a local animal shelter, battered wives and children shelters, your children’s school or even a soup kitchen - there are groups of people interested in these kinds of activates on the Internet. This could really be an effective Fund Raising project!

Michael Russell
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