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Although Apple Mac computers have a very good operating system it is very difficult to get a good MAC POS software program to run on them. This is probably why a large number of retail stores prefer to run Windows operating systems, as they are able to get hold of a large number of POS software programs that they can use with it.

However if you do currently have a MAC system and you wish to be able to use a POS software program on it there are both pros and cons to doing so. Below we will take a look at just what these are. Firstly we will take a look at what advantages can be gained from using a Mac POS software program.

1. The system, which you use to operate your Mac, is very reliable and stable and is not likely to suffer from any bugs or glitches. So there is much less chance of the software actually failing at any time. But it needs to be properly configured, but once it has been then the system will function quite happily until such time as you need to upgrade or change the software you are currently using.

2. Also with the operating system that you use in conjunction with the POS software on your Mac computer you will find that the chances of bugs or viruses actually being able to gain access to the system is greatly reduced.

3. The software as well as the main operating system on the Apple Mac is very easy for anyone to use.

Above we have looked at the advantages of using a Apple Mac POS Software program, but now let us take a look at the disadvantages.

1. Because there are very few POS software programs available for use with the Apple Mac you will find that you will miss out on some of the features that other POS software programs that are used with other operating systems (Windows) have to offer.

2. If you are running a retail business and using this software as part of your system then you may well discover that other software programs you need to utilize are not actually compatible with it. Unfortunately you may well find that accounting software which is essential to keeping your business on track is unable to interact with the Apple Mac POS Software are you may find that you need to purchase a completely new system altogether.

3. The other main disadvantage to having a Mac POS Software program rather than one which runs on Windows is that very few people are actually trained today in how to use systems, which a Mac based. Also actually finding someone who is competent and skilled enough to maintain and carry out repairs to the system is becoming somewhat difficult and can prove to be very expensive indeed.

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