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Fund Raising - Standing On The Corner

You have to give some of these gals credit when it comes to fund raising. It doesn't matter what kind of weather it is. Come rain, snow or blistering heat, they're out there with their tin cans and smiles trying to raise a buck or two for the charity of their choice. And it's not just street corners where these gals can be seen. Shopping centers, supermarkets and just about any public place is fair game for collecting for charity. So just what's involved in being able to do this? After all, you can't just go out, tin can in hand and start begging for bucks. There are some rules and things that must be done before you can collect even one quarter.

The very first thing you have to do is decide what organization you're going to do your fund raising for. Not every organization will allow you to beg publicly for loose change. So you have to first decide on the organization and find out if they allow such collecting. If they do, then you have to send away for the necessary materials. Aside from the cans, which must be clearly marked with the organization you're collecting for, there are papers that need to be filled out and a license that needs to be displayed. True, most people walking out of the local supermarket are not going to ask to see your authorization to collect money. However, you do have to have it with you should anybody want to see it. So what's on these documents?

Well, that depends on the organization, but most of them are pretty standard. They'll have the name of the organization on them and what the money is being collected for, such as what cause. For example, if the organization is the International Order Of Rainbow and they're collecting for The National Cancer Society, this will be stated on the document. If the organization and the cause are the same, then there is no need to state what the donations are for. It's understood.

Another thing you usually get from these organizations is some kind of uniform, even if it's just a hat. Some splurge for vests, but usually there's something to wear that identifies who you're collecting for. One of the most famous of these uniforms are the vests that the Knights Of Columbus wear. These are bright yellow and actually glow in the dark so you can see them at knight. And these guys are out at all hours of the day. They can usually be seen at busy intersections near shopping malls. That's where most of their business comes from.

Fund raising by standing on a corner or in the middle of a large intersection is a thankless job. Unlike a dinner, which is a few hours, these people stand outside for the better part of a whole day and it doesn't matter if it's nice out or the worst day of the year. These are the people who probably work harder than anyone else when it comes to fund raising. So when you see one out on the street, drop in a couple of coins. You'll be glad you did.

Michael Russell
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