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Learn How To Make Your Sorority Fund Raising Fun And Exciting

Fund raising has become a very necessary way of raising extra money for schools and college campuses. With funding so short these days, many programs are being cut so new and creative ways of raising money are the alternative way to get the necessary money needed to operate. Sorority fund raising is a great fun way to come up with extra funds necessary either for programs or repairs. You will find most sorority groups have a lot of energy and talent so you should be able to enlist the people you need to pull off a great fund raiser. This article will give some fun ideas for making your sorority fund raising new and exciting.

Sorority fund raising is a great opportunity to incorporate a lot of brilliant minds in working together for one common cause and goal. Often you will find that once the idea of raising money for something they will all benefit from is introduced, many will volunteer to help out or participate in some form. There are many ideas to choose from and many are very common things such as a car wash etc. but what if you have some type of school carnival or festival that would incorporate many different booths and entertainment. You can persuade some of the local town officials or college alumni to get involved in the planning or participation of the sorority fund raising event and even get many if not all of your supplies donated.

There are other sorority fund raising ideas to choose from such as going to one of the local big businesses in town and planning a modeling event. Your team would do all the modeling of their items for free, but your sorority group would get the cover charge for attending. You could host a catered dinner or hordorve hour in which your sorority group either prepared themselves or had prepared for them. The business could do the promoting as well since they are the ones you are advertising for, and this way they can write off most if not all the expenses themselves. You can incorporate male and female in the sorority fund raising modeling event and even throw in a little laughter during the show.

Sorority fund raising requires a little persistence and persuasion sometimes, but you can be creative with your money making. You can go to local car dealerships and help them promote big sales. They can hire you to stand on corners with signs for special events or they can hire you to host a dinner party or special event. You do all the clean up and set up of the event as well as you do the serving too. Don't be afraid to approach businesses with a good plan for benefiting you both. With sorority fund raising you can earn some good money and have lots of fun doing it too.

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