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Ebay Fund Raising for Fun or Profit

The birth of eBay has helped many organizations raise money with eBay fund raising campaigns. There are some distinct advantages, and some definite disadvantages to using eBay for your next fund raising event. This article will look at both the good and the bad of suing eBay to raise money for your favorite charity.

The online auction site eBay should need no introduction. Many people come online after hearing about eBayís simple format for selling their unwanted stuff lying around the house. However; many may not realize this auction site has become a great resource for many other means as well, such as fundraising campaigns.

One of the advantages for conducting an eBay fund raising campaign is that you can usually be successful with only a couple people helping to run the campaign. You still must keep accurate records and put together a plan just like you would for a traditional fund raiser.

The next advantage to conducting your eBay fund raiser is that you can sell to practically anyone in the world if you so choose. This opens your fund raiser up to a much larger audience and income potential. If you put together a solid fundraising plan you can see the possibilities are really endless.

The advantages are wonderful, but with the good things there are also some loop holes or problems that could arise as well. You must be aware of a few simple rules to follow to make sure you donít end up disappointed with your next eBay fund raising opportunity.

The biggest problems you may run into with your fundraiser are people bidding and then not paying for the item they have purchased. You want to make sure that you have good plan set up for contacting each winning bidder and also a solid plan for shipping the item if it is hard good you are auction off.

You may want to check out some auctions and see for yourself what the possibilities are. You may be able to contact some that have been successful at running an eBay fundraising campaign and get some pointers.

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