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How to Find Good Ideas for Fundraising Activities

There are so many ideas for fundraising activities that it can be difficult to select just one. Keep your eyes on the prize. Put your focus and energy in one fundraiser at a time. Here are some of the most common fundraising activities.

Selling candy is a mainstay of fundraising. Both kids and adults sell candy. School teams sell candy. Senior living centers sell candy. Candy is everywhere. It can be difficult to sell at the same time wellness and weight loss advertising is everywhere. If you decide to sell candy, sell it once a year, not throughout the year.

Car washes are popular with kids. Communities expect to see student car washes, whether for sports teams, drama club, or after school programs. Car washes are ideal fundraisers because many people like to keep their vehicles clean. Rather than take your car to the local car wash where you have to wash the car, take it to a student car wash and let them clean your car. It's a great way to support your community. If the car wash is in the parking lot of a store, leave your to be washed while you do your shopping.

Community-wide fundraisers are becoming more popular. Hold a huge "garage" sale at a school or sports complex. The fee to rent space is your fundraising revenue. The individuals running booths or selling items keep all their revenue, they just pay for space. Another way is for each individual to donate a portion of their profits to the fundraiser. Either way, you get the community involved in your cause.

Fairs and cook-offs are great fundraisers. Sponsor a rib or wing cook-off. Fees come from the contest participants as well as admission to the event. Cook-offs are great fun for the entire family. Depending on the size of your community, you might even get some press coverage for your fundraising cause.

Sponsor a "Battle of the Bands" as your fundraiser. Allow all bands to participate, from student bands to garage bands. The bands pay to enter the contest and everyone else pays admission to the contest. This type of fundraiser is also family-friendly. You can have the fundraiser indoors or outdoors, depending on the available facilities.

Motorcycle runs are easy to organize. The first thing you do is plan a route for the ride. The route must be interesting for motorcyclists. Advertise in the community. Motorcyclists and passengers pay to participate in the ride. You must notify the communities along the route of your fundraiser. They should know about the increased traffic. There are guidelines on the Internet on organizing a motorcycle run.

As you can see, ideas for fundraising activities are practically limitless. You will need to do research on possible fundraisers. Then talk to people in your community to select the best fundraising idea. Finally, go raise some money!

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