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New Cookie Dough Fund Raising Events Exposed

Bake sales and car washes have always been the fund raising standards when it comes to fund raising events of old. Today youth groups, churches, and other organizations are looking for more creative ways to raise money for their needs. This article will look at some unique cookie dough fund raising events that have a bit if a twist to them.

By now many people are aware of cookie dough fund raising. It has been a very successful method for raising a few hundred dollars for an event over traditional bake sale fundraising. With the growing need to raise more and more funds you need to be a little more creative by using a similar, but different cookie dough fund raising idea.

Instead of selling chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookie dough you could make up ten different recipes that go with chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookie dough. Then sell the recipes along with the cookie dough. This should help increase the value of your cooking dough fund raising efforts.

A great cookie dough fund raising idea for youth groups is to have the cookie dough delivered to each persons home and then you have several youth help bake the cookies, and have a party at various people’s homes. This will add more value to the initial sale and raise more money too.

The final way to make more money with a cookie dough fund raising event would be to make pet or dog cookie dough. No one ever said that you must make people cookie dough. Pet lovers love to spoil their pets and will often pay much more for cookie dough and a possible recipe. Many people may not have even heard of anyone selling cookie dough for pets and dogs.

You could take this one step further and try thinking of other types of cookie dough lovers. The ideas should be endless as to the creative cookie dough fund raising events you could plan to beat the traditional cookie dough fund raising that most people use.

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