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Make the Right Connections for Your Next Fund Raising Event

Making the right connections can make your next fund raising event, even more successful. You've probably heard the saying that it's more important, who you know than what you know. When planning a successful fundraiser this old adage is also very true. This article will look at some key aspects to holding a good fund raising event.

One of the first things that will determine what type of connections you need will be determined by the size of the organization in which you are raising money for. If it is a large group and well established within the community you're going to want to make sure that you make contact with all the major business people in town.

By getting your foot in the door with all the major business players in your local community you are going to be able to hold much more successful fund raising events. Your power players within a community are always people who have good connections with many people who have money. Not only do they know the people who have money they also know the people who are willing to give to certain charities.

If you happen to have a small group that you're raising money for - You do not need to make your connections so widespread. You should focus on a few key individuals that have prominence within your area and a large sphere of influence. By making solid connections with these types of people they are going to be able to help your smaller group get much more popularity and thus allow you to raise even more funds.

Before you approach any common individuals make sure that you have a well planned fund raising event in mind. You do not have to have everything set in stone as they may be able to offer some suggestions. However by having a well established mission statement, or good idea what you're trying to accomplish this will help others to get on board.

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