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Tips for Creating a Fund Raising Foundation

Many companies that are looking to create financial stability find that they can create a fundraising foundation to help further their cause. There are several things to consider when putting together a foundation. This article will look at some of the key components to consider before you start.

Train the Fund Raising Foundation Board to Function Efficiently

The first thing you must consider when forming a fundraising foundation is the training involved within your board. Each person will have a specific responsibility, but even more important is their understating of the process. You may even consider hiring a fundraising company to help you get started in this area. If the company knows your specific needs they can assist you in weeding through all the details to get your board educated correctly.

Time to Organize Your Fund Raising Foundation Committees

Once you have your board members comfortable with the process and proceedings that will follow. You need to get your fund raising foundation committees in order. It is best to have a theme or mission statement that all committee members will follow and adhere to.

Recruit and Train Your Fund Raising Foundation Staff

This is where most fundraising foundation plans fall apart. You cannot simply pull people into your idea and turn them loose. The biggest mistake most companies make is to place people into a task they simply are not qualified for. If you want to be successful you should invest in some personality test and get to know each individuals strengths and weaknesses within your staff. Once you know where their strengths and weakness are you can fit them into the committee that suits them best.

Manage Promotional Efforts

OK, you have your fund raising foundation board in order. You hopefully have a well trained and educated staff. Now it is time to work on promoting your fundraisers. This is the easiest part of the process. If you have done your home work and put people into the proper places you should know who will best handle the management efforts in your fundraising foundation. The key is to make sure the have a workable plan. The focus should be on the types of people you plan to target. If the fundraising foundation will be looking to work with private individuals you will want to make sure you have a solid list of donors as private donors are often the trickiest to attain and manage.

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