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Raise More Money by Hiring a Winning Fund Raising Consultant

Hiring a good fund raising consultant can be very cost effective in the long run. Too many people try to take on the reasonability of organizing a fund raiser when they simply do not have the proper qualifications to do so. If you need to raise money for any type of sizable organization or charity you really should consider hiring a fund raising consultant.

This article is designed to outline the 7 keys of an effective fund raising consultant. There are many other aspects, but this quick guide will save you allot of time and hopefully earn you more money.

Key #1 -- Train and Motivate People

A good fund raising consultant understands the mind set and skills that are needed to have a successful fund raiser. They are skilled in their abilities to teach those within an organization to perform on a designated task for optimum performance.

Key #2 -- Create a Fund Raising Plan

Creating a fund raising plan is no easy task. There are several key elements to consider for each individual situation. There are no two plans alike. A fund raising consultant will evaluate your organizations needs, asses the given resources, and implement a successful fund raising plan that works best for your particular needs.

Key #3 -- Research Prospective Donors

Most likely you will need to raise some money -- to raise some money. This may sound rather redundant, and in fact, it does sound silly. As the saying goes -- It takes money to make money, but it does not have to be your money. A fund raising consultant will determine the financial needs based on the fund raising plan and then write and/or call prospective donors to get the fund raiser off the ground.

Key #4 -- Set up a Data Base for Keeping Records

You must keep track of all donor information, expenditures, and other aspects involved with any fund raising event. The fund raising consultant will create a spread sheet and keep track of all these expenditures for you.

Key #5 -- Conduct Studies

A fund raising consultant can evaluate your area and determine what types of fund raisers have been successful in the past for similar organizations. This can be extremely valuable information.

Key #6 -- Conduct direct mail campaigns

If your fund raiser will involve raising money through a mail list for donations the fund raising consultant can implement this process as well. They will prepare the letters, handle postage, and all other task involved.

Key #7 -- Help board members understand their responsibilities

The final key to a good fund raising consultant is the handling of board members. All too often there is more than one member who simply does not agree with the goings on with a fund raiser. The trained consultant is good at dealing with these needs and will put out any fires that might arise.

Fund raising consultants should be an asset and not a pain. I hope this article has given you some direction and meaningful guidelines to use when hiring your next fund raising consultant.

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