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Using Cards for a Fundraiser

There are a lot of ways to raise fund. There's the car washing thing where you can ask people to let their cars be washed for a cause. And there's the garage or bake sale that is a good way to both raise some funds and dispose of unnecessary stuff from your closets or storage rooms.

And then there's the card. A variety of cards can be used as a vehicle to raise some money. You'll find that discount cards and the scratch cards have high success rates of raising some funds when conducted properly. Using cards is an easy and fast way to raise some money.

Discount cards can appear in different forms. There are discount cards for food, products and services. The idea behind discount cards or any card fund raiser for that matter is that you are giving your donors something for the trouble and for their donation.

You offer your donors with discount cards or coupons that will help them save on particular purchases. When the donors avail of the cards, they not only commit to your cause but also get great discounts from your partners. By availing of these discounts, the donors will get back the money they donated through the discounts.

Likewise, the scratch card system works pretty much the same as the discount cards. The persons organizing the fund raiser will purchase from the sponsors at discounted price.

Then they will sell these scratch cards or coupons on a price that is affordable for the donors. The donors in return will purchase these cards to help out in the fund raisers' campaign or cause. And in return, the donors will receive prices by scratching the cards and looking underneath.

It is said that through scratch cards, there's a more than 80% chance of earning a profit. It is important to get good sponsors for your discount and scratch cards. Good sponsors will help you attract more donors. Moreover, having good sponsors and establishing a great relationship with them will increase the chance of acquiring their help and sponsorships in future fund raising projects.

Not only do cards serve as a fund raising tool, but they serve as an advertising tool as well. You can print your organization and sponsor's name on the cards.

You can even indicate in the card your specific fund raising goals. This will help disseminate information and help gather support for your cause. This particular method is also very easy for donors which give them little or no excuse but to donate to the cause.

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