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Extreme Makeover Fund Raising Event

There are many reasons for the need to raise extra funds. Money is tight these days and there are many organizations that are being shorted on their funding. Our schools are always having to cut a program or two and our churches are often having to raise needed money to help something or someone out. A fund raising event can be well worth the effort you put into it. The sky is the limit when it comes to fund raising ideas. You can pretty much come up with any ingenious plan for raising the extra money and the more creative you are the more money you will bring in. This article will give a few tips on how to make an extreme makeover fund raising event.

Your fund raising event can be different than most other funding events. Many groups will go with the traditional thing such as cookie sales, calendar or magazine sales or bottle drives. These are all great ideas for making extra needed funds, but dare to be different. You can also shy away from things such as a bake sale or a car wash too. Instead of doing an event that is spread out over a period of time, you can hold something that will draw in a large crowd of people all at once. You might even want to kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes and have them bring in some type of canned food or food item as they enter the event and donate those items to your local church or pantry along with your fund raising event.

One type of fund raising event that could possibly bring in a lot of money is to get the local celebrities involved or the local town officials. If it is for a good cause you probably won't have too much trouble talking them into helping out. It will give them some extra publicity as well as allowing them to work with the local people. There are many things you can do that will draw a crowd. Maybe you could have a large barn dance and for a fee, offer a horse and buggy ride or a hayride under the stars with singing included. That is where some local talent can help your fund raising event out.

Advertising for any fund raising event can often be done for little if any cost, if you are using local officials or even radio or television celebrities and it is for a good cause. Also keep in mind that many of the local businesses will donate or even support financially a worthwhile fund raising event. This will mean that you will have very little out of pocket expense and most if not all of the proceeds will go to your cause. Give an old fund raising event an extreme makeover with new and creative ideas.

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